MotoGP Reale Avintia Racing – Barcelona

On Tuesday, Reale Avintia Racing rider Jordi Torres underwent surgery in the University Hospital Dexeus in Barcelona. In charge of the procedure was Dr. Xavier Mir, specialist for upper extremeties within the Catalonian Institute of Traumatology and Sports Medicine ICATME. In a minimally invasive intervention, Dr. Mir inserted various cannulated bone compression screws to set a displaced intra-articular fracture to the base of the metacarpal bone of the left thumb. Torres had suffered the injury in a practice crash during the Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang last weekend. He was discharged from the hospital today and he will start rehabilition this week.

“The surgery went well. It took a little more time than Dr. Mir thought initially, because there were small bone fragments floating around. Aided by an arthroscope, the magic hands of Dr. Mir inserted two screws and successfully put these bone pieces back into their place. It hurts a little, but everything went well and I was able to go home already. I’ll start to move the other fingers this week and I’ll see the doctor again on Monday.”