When did you start riding motorbikes?
I started riding motorbike when I was 3 years old with a motocross minimoto but I only rode around my house and, until several years later, I didn’t ride in racetracks. When I was 8, I had my first minibike, which is quite late in comparison with other riders but then I immediately started racing in the Italian championship. From then on, I keep the same strategy as most of the riders: minimoto, minigp, pre moto3 and moto3. In 2016 I did my debut with the moto3 in the CIV and also in the CEV. In 2018 I did my first race ever in the world championship when I did a wildcar in Mugello and I keep a very good memory from that moment because doing your first race in your home circuit is very especial.

Where does your passion for motorbikes come from?
As a child I watched the races on TV but my dad gave my this passion and he made me love racing.

This has been your first year in the Reale Avintia Arizona 77.
Yes, I arrived in the team for racing in the CEV from the beginning of the season. Later, I had the chance to step into the world championship with them, which was something completely unexpected but I must say I’m very pleased with that and I have to thank the team for that, you don’t get this chance everyday.

How do you feel with the team?
I felt really comfortable with the team quickly, it’s kind of a family and this is so important to make everything work.

What is your strong point?
I like fast tracks so I’d say that high speed corners are the ones that I am the best at.

And what about your weak point?
I’m not super good at braking as I don’t like hard braking turns.

Which is your favourite circuit?
My favourite circuit is Jerez

Left or right hand corners?
I don’t really have a favourite, I do not feel better on right hand corners rather than in left ones, or even in the other way around.

How do you train for the races?
When I am at home I go the gym 3 or 4 days per week, then I do a couple of sessions of motocross or flat track and I also do running and cycling, which a sport I love.

What do you do in your free time?
When I’m free I like spending time with family and go out with friends in order to forget about motorbikes.

What’s the balance of your season so far?
I am happy with, starting when the season has already begun is not easy for me or for the team. We are improving in every race, in Misano l had good pace and we got our first points, which is really positive.

What’s the goal until the end of the season?
The main goal is to keep improving and be in Top15 as much as possible because when you do a race with the front group you learn a lot and you see where your weak and strong points are.