ALFAMBRA: The first two special stages of the Baja Aragón were held today, and Xevi Pons showed again his talent driving his Esponsorama and DMAS South Racing to the fifth place. In the morning Pons was flying during the first kilometres and he was the fastest man over the first way points. But then his car has spill and his Ford Ranger was damage, loosing some precious time. Nonetheless, he manager to finish fifth with a time of 2’10”56 over 162 kilometres.

Pons did a great start in the third special stage, but he lost some time again due to a flat tyre. Finally he completed the 184.8 km stage with a time of 2’33”12, and he is 7 minutes and 45 seconds behind the leader, Carlos Sainz.

“This morning was great, until the final stages we were on the leading pace. But we had a spill and we lost time”, said Pons, who showed today his competitiveness at the Baja Aragón. “In the afternoon we did a good job, but we had a flat tyre at the end of the stage and we spent too much time changing the tyre, almost three minutes. But overall I’m happy because this is my first time at the Baja and we are in the same pace of the best Dakar drivers. I didn’t expect to be so competitive because my rivals are the top Dakar drivers like Carlos, Nasser, Nani, Orlando, Hirvonen… And it’s important, that when we were running without problems, we were the fastest. If we consider the car is new, and also is my first time with my co-pilot Sergio, we have to be happy. And this is not over, tomorrow we have another special stage and I’ll give my best to get closer.”

Pons’s support for the Baja Aragon comes from Air Europa, Power Electronics and King Regal. South Racing has also support from Rudy Project, OMP, TW Steel, Gold Nutrition and Michelin.